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Experience comprehensive oral care at Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie, a trusted HCF More for Teeth Preferred Provider. We proudly offer exceptional dental services while maximising your HCF benefits for a healthier, brighter smile.

Get More for Your Teeth with Your HCF Membership

Maximise your dental health benefits with your HCF membership at Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie. As an HCF More for Teeth provider, we make accessing quality dental care seamless and beneficial for you. Elevate your dental experience with us. Schedule your visit today to leverage your HCF benefits for optimal oral health.

HCF Preferred Provider

HCF Preferred Provider

Experience Easy HCF Access at Our Clinic

Using HCF at Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie is effortless. Simply present your HCF card when you visit us for dental care. We make the process smooth and straightforward, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your health fund cover. Ready for healthier teeth? Schedule your next dentist appointment with us today.

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Why Choose Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie for Your Extensive Oral Health Care Needs

Discover Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie, the community’s choice for trusted, quality dental care. Our clinic is recognised for providing exceptional care and has a strong reputation for patient satisfaction.


Visit our QIP-accredited clinic for high-standard dental care. This accreditation reflects our commitment to maintaining exceptional patient care and safety practices in all our services.

Experienced Dental Team

Our team of skilled dental professionals combines proficiency and compassion, delivering personalised care for optimal oral health.

Payment Plan Options

Quality dental care is made accessible at our clinic with our flexible payment plans so you can meet your oral health needs without financial stress.

Highly Rated Dental Clinic

Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie takes pride in high patient ratings, reflecting our commitment to quality dental care and service.

Frequently Asked Questions About HCF

Get the answers to common questions about HCF in our FAQ. This section will guide you through the benefits and process for informed dental healthcare decisions.

Yes, HCF members can access preventive dental services at Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie. This includes routine dental checkups, scale and cleans, and fluoride treatments, all covered under your HCF plan for optimal oral health care.

At Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie, HCF generally covers a wide array of dental services. These often include the following list below:

  1. General Dentistry
  2. Major dentistry

It’s important to note that the amount you get back for each treatment depends on the level of your health fund cover. Also, be aware that annual limits and waiting periods may apply.

HCF aims to provide 100% back on popular dental treatments, including regular dental checkups, cleanings, and fluoride treatments. For other types of major dental work, out-of-pocket costs may apply. These expenses depend on your specific HCF cover level, annual limits, and the nature of the dental procedure. We always recommend reviewing your HCF plan details or contacting us for a clearer understanding of potential expenses for your dental care needs.

Generally speaking, HCF members can access their dental benefits for various services each calendar year. However, the frequency of use may depend on your cover’s annual limits. We suggest checking your HCF policy or contacting us to understand the full extent of your benefits and their availability throughout the year.

At Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie, we’re committed to helping you make the most of your HCF benefits. Our friendly staff can assist you in scheduling your appointments in accordance with your HCF plan, so you receive timely and effective dental care throughout the year. Remember, regular dental visits are key to maintaining good oral health and preventing future dental issues.

If you exceed your annual HCF dental benefits limit at Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie, you may need to cover the additional costs out-of-pocket. These costs arise when the total claim amount for the year surpasses the limit set in your HCF policy.

It’s important to keep track of your usage of HCF dental benefits throughout the year to avoid unexpected expenses. Our team at Anchorage Dental Care can assist you in understanding and monitoring your benefit usage. We also recommend checking with HCF directly or accessing your HCF member account online to view your current benefit usage and remaining limits.

If you do exceed your limit, we’re here to discuss alternative payment options and provide a clear breakdown of any additional costs. Our goal is to continuously provide you with the dental care you need in a way that aligns with your financial circumstances.