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Discover What New Patients Can Expect with Us

At Anchorage Dental Clinic, we greet new patients with a warm welcome and undivided attention. You can trust you’re in good hands with our exceptional dental team.

Welcome to Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie's Exceptional Care

At Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie, we will guide you through what to expect during your first visit. We aim to make it as informative and comfortable as possible.

Expect Our Commitment to Quality Dental Care and Service

Upon contacting Anchorage Dental Care, you’re introduced to an environment where clarity and care are paramount. Our reception team thoughtfully provides comprehensive details about your upcoming appointment. We will discuss its duration, outline the costs, and acquaint you with the dentist you’ll meet. We focus on providing transparent and patient-centred care, so you feel informed and at ease from the outset.

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Your First Visit

Your First Visit Sets the Stage for Exceptional Oral Care

Your initial visit to Anchorage Dental Care is pivotal for your oral health journey. You’ll receive assistance from our team and then meet your dentist for a thorough oral health discussion. The visit includes a detailed oral examination, potential X-rays, a professional clean, and tailored brushing and flossing advice. All this sets a solid foundation for your oral health.

Experience Our Personalised Oral Health Maintenance Program

Explore our Oral Hygiene Program at Anchorage Dental Care, designed to actively protect your dental health. Regular hygiene appointments are crucial to prevent dental diseases, reduce potential discomfort and save time. With hassle-free reminders through SMS or email, managing your dental health check-ups becomes a seamless part of your routine.


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