Flexible Payment Options Making Dental Care Accessible for Everyone

We want to help as many individuals as possible achieve healthier teeth and mouths. To make it more convenient and accessible, we offer a range of flexible payment options at Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie.

Ease Worries with Payment Options Tailored to Your Budget

The cost of dental care can be daunting, often causing worry about managing expenses. Some individuals tend to delay getting treatment due to these financial issues, resulting in neglecting oral health needs. At Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie, we address these concerns by offering various payment methods. These options make treatment costs more manageable without compromising on quality care.

Payment Options

Enjoy Flexible Payment Options to Ease Your Dental Care Journey

Choose from our range of payment options at Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie, which are designed to accommodate various financial needs. Our goal is to provide dental treatments that are affordable and easy to manage with your budget.

Child Dental Benefits

We accept CDBS so eligible children can access dental services funded by this government scheme. CDBS can cover dental check-ups, cleaning, and basic treatments.

Dental Services DVA Card Holders

We provide essential dental care to DVA cardholders, offering our veterans the dental treatments they need in a comfortable setting.


Use ZIP for your dental treatments at our clinic. ZIP offers a convenient payment option that allows you to receive the treatment now and pay it off later in easy instalments.


As a preferred provider of Bupa Health Fund, holders can use their dental benefits with us for various dental services.

Early Super Release

Access essential dental treatments through the early super release scheme, allowing you to fund important procedures with your superannuation when needed.

HCF Preferred Provider

We are a preferred provider of HCF, and members can enjoy comprehensive dental cover at our clinic, making dental care accessible for families.

HBF Preferred Provider

Our clinic accepts HBF and provides high-quality dental care with benefits and cover that are tailored to each member’s health plan.

In House Payment Plans

Discover our in-house payment plans, which are tailored to fit your financial situation, making your dental care journey smooth and manageable.

Addressing Payment Option Concerns with Our Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered common questions about payment options for dental care and provided comprehensive answers. This section is designed to help you understand dental care financing options and make informed decisions.
You certainly can, as we collaborate with major health funds like HBF, HCF, and Bupa to cover all or a portion of the treatment costs. That way, you can manage it way better than worrying about the high upfront costs. Please feel free to discuss your health fund cover with us during your appointment for personalised assistance.
As a Bupa health fund holder, you can expect comprehensive dental care with financial advantages at Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie. Our dental clinic is a Bupa Members First preferred provider. This means you’ll enjoy reduced out-of-pocket costs, extensive coverage for a variety of dental services, and a streamlined billing process. We provide high-quality, personalised care, transparent communication, and easy appointment scheduling. Our commitment is to provide you with comprehensive, quality dental care, maximising the benefits of your Bupa Health Fund.
Our payment plans, like Zip Pay, have no interest charge for your dental treatments. While Zip Money includes a minimum 3-month interest-free period, interest may apply after this period. Additionally, the National Dental Plan, through humm, provides interest-free options for various treatments, minor or major, with no hidden fees. We highly suggest consulting our team at Anchorage Dental Care Mindarie to discuss our payment options regarding interest fees.
If you don’t have private health funds, we offer various payment plans that provide financial flexibility. That means you can still receive the treatment you need in a budget-friendly manner. Our team is available to guide you through these options, helping you find a plan that suits your financial needs and dental health goals.
Using the Child Dental Benefits Schedule at Anhorage Dental Care Mindarie is easy. Simply confirm your child’s eligibility, usually indicated by a letter from Services Australia. Schedule an appointment with us and inform our staff that you’ll be using CDBS. Bring your Medicare card and any relevant documents to the appointment. We offer bulk billing for CDBS-covered services, directly billing Medicare. This means there are no out-of-pocket costs for eligible treatments within the benefit limit. Our team is here to provide a smooth and stress-free experience for your child’s dental care.